Daycare Lunch Program

If your child stays for lunch at school they are automatically part of the lunch supervision program. Children eat lunch in their classrooms and are supervised by student supervisors. Microwaves are available to warm up lunches. Children will have approximately 30 minutes of outdoor play every day. Due to children with severe allergies, we ask that all peanut products be left at home.


Regular lunch supervision is $35.00 per month. If your child is attending less than 5 days the fees break down as such:

  • 5 days: $35.00 per child/month
  • 4 days: $28.00 per child/month
  • 3 days: $21.00 per child/month
  • 2 days: $14.00 per child/month
  • Drop-in: $4.00 per day to be sent with your child

In the case of a family of 3 or more children the maximum for 5 days is $800.00/per year. If the children are registered for less than 5 days a week, the above rates apply with no charge for the 4th child.

Please note that there will be no refunds for sickness or vacations taken during school time. In addition, there are no refunds for snow days or any emergency closing of the school. There are no administrative charges to families registered in this program.

The above mentioned fees are subject to revision on a yearly basis by the Governing Board.

Please contact Barb Adler, Daycare Technician at 514-630-5714 or for more information