The Virtues Project TM


For several years, Mme Choini√®re, Community and Spiritual Care Animator (CASCA), and the Beacon Hill educational team have incorporated The Virtues Project TM into the fabric of our students’ daily school life. Below is a description of The Virtues Project and its objectives from The Virtues Project™ Educator’s Guide by Linda Kavelin Popov, upon which it is based:

“The Virtues Project was honoured as a model global program for families of all cultures by the United Nations Secretariat during the International Year of the family. The Virtues Project is not about the practices or beliefs of any particular religion. It is based on the simple wisdom of the world’s diverse cultures and religions about living by the best within us-courage, honor, justice, kindness and all of our innate virtues.” (p.xxi)

The objective of The Virtues Project is to create a culture of character in our schools and “provide simple tools to use every day to make character education a natural part of the child’s experience.…Children learn within the context of what they experience in daily interactions.” (pxxii)

At Beacon Hill, we work towards achieving these objectives with weekly intercom Virtue Buddy readings, class visits and discussions, as well as assemblies on the designated virtue.

This year, we will be examining the virtues of Cleanliness, Respect, Love, Trustworthiness and Integrity. We appreciate that many parents would like to incorporate these teachings into our students’ home life; therefore, with the introduction of each new virtue, we will post a summary of the subjects covered.



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