Virtues Project ™


Mme Choinière, Community and Spiritual Care Animator (CASCA), and the Beacon Hill educational team, continue The Virtues Project ™ this year, the purpose of which is to teach our students the concrete details of how to practice the virtues every day through their words and actions. We do this with weekly intercom Virtue Buddy readings, class visits and discussions on each of the virtues.

This year, we will concentrate on Courtesy, Kindness, Tolerance, Assertiveness and Co-operation.


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Under governmental guidelines the CASCA brings activities to our school that may include a humanitarian, spiritual, interfaith or religious focus. This non-confessional school service helps to facilitate students as they search for meaning in the world around them, develop their social conscience, participate in community involvement and may address needs with regard to individual students own religious affiliation. Most specifically the cross-curricular approach strives to encourage students to develop their own visions of life and social conscience in an unbiased and unpressured environment.