Supply Lists 2020-2021


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  School Supply Lists Éditions Vaudreuil  Supply Lists
  4-Year-Old Kindergarten (K4) 4-Year-Old Kindergarten (K4)
  Kindergarten Kindergarten
  Grades 1 & 2 Grades 1 & 2
  Grade 3 Grade 3
  Grade 4 Grade 4   REV 06/26/20
  Grade 5 Grade 5   REV 06/26/20
  Grade 6 Grade 6   REV 06/26/20


Each level has two lists: The School Supply Lists from the teachers (if you are planning to purchase the items yourself) or the Éditions Vaudreuil Supply Lists. The Éditions Vaudreuil service is a Home and School fundraiser.