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About us

We strive to develop and support each individual child to achieve his/her full potential. We are proud of our dedication to achieving a balance between academics, the arts and physical activity. Our outdoor and physical education programs, as well as our drama and music programs are woven into our schedule which allows all students to flourish. By exposing students to different possibilities that exist, they can develop interests and strengths, and make educated decisions when moving forward at the High School level.


Our mission is to create a dynamic learning environment that encourages each child to develop to his or her full potential. We are committed to creating an atmosphere that fosters intellectual curiosity and actively involves students in developing strong work habits, critical thinking skills and promoting social awareness. By creating strong partnerships with parents and other community members, we provide opportunities for students to link classroom experiences to the world outside. Our goal is to prepare respectful, bilingual and open-minded students who will become lifelong learners.


Our vision is to have a vibrant, caring school community that encourages a commitment to excellence through the development of the whole child. 


  • To encourage each student to reach their full academic potential. 
  • To create bilingual students who are confident speaking, reading and writing in both official languages. 
  • To nurture critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 
  • To engage in project-based learning while using a variety of technologies. 
  • To acquire concepts in Math and Science through inquiry-based learning. 
  • To develop creative minds through Music, Arts and Drama.
  • To broaden student awareness of future academic and vocational opportunities.


  • To instill positive attitudes towards health, fitness and wellness.
  • To expose students to a variety of activities through physical education, intramurals, and Board-wide tournaments. 
  • To explore outdoor physical activities year-round. 
  • To introduce students to yoga and movement.


  • To provide a safe environment where differences are respected and individual talents are discovered and nurtured. 
  • To develop responsible and compassionate students.
  • To provide opportunities for leadership and student initiatives. 
  • To address student anxiety and stress through mindfulness practices.
  • To create confident students who are willing to take risks.
  • To establish links within the community.
  • To connect with nature through various environmental projects.